Velotrade engineering compa


We know how to make really good bikes. To do this, we have gathered a team of the best professionals and created ideal working and creative conditions for them. We work towards making the purchase of a good bicycle affordable for every family. We are dedicated to our business and proud of each of the five million bicycles sold. Design and assembly of bicycles since 1996.

We provide 2 years warranty on equipment and a 10 years warranty on frames.


We are pleased to represent our new bicycle collection at For bikes 2024.


Dorozhnik bicycles are practical urban models that differ from other brands in fashionable youth design and modern technological solutions. Model range includes single, multi speed bikes, steel and alloy frames, regular and folding bikes.




Lеon is a high level brand in our range. It includes gravel and touring bikes, superlight kids and teen bikes, MTB models. We can guarantee the quality of each bicycle, as all of them have passed long durability tests in off-road conditions. 



Formula is the most popular budget bikes. For years, Velotrade engineers have honed optimally balanced combinations, measured loads and compared the quality of each part. Our product range includes bicycles of all types: for children, for adults, sports and urban bicycles. 


Discovery collection is affordable adult and teenage sports bicycles. We use simple but high-quality parts in the basic configuration, modern technology and the unique knowledge of the best specialists as a secret ingredient.


Electric bikes are the most popular product nowadays. We offer low and medium-budget electric bicycles that are affordable for everyone. At the same time, we are responsible for the quality and provide a warranty.